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How are Bus Prices Determined?

You're planning a group outing and you've done the research. You like the flexibility, dependability and safety of a charter bus rental. But what's it going to cost? What steps can you take to make sure you're getting the best price?

It probably won't surprise you to learn that charter bus travel is consistently considered to offer more for your travel dollars than any other mode of transportation. Most charter bus companies charge a fixed price for the coach, so the more people you have in your group, the less each person will typically pay. In addition, fixed expenses such as gas, parking and highway tolls are all shared.

Okay, we have convinced you that charter bus travel will be easier on your pocketbook than other options, but just how much will it cost? Interestingly, one of the advantages of charter bus travel that makes it an attractive option for travelers, also makes it more difficult to nail down an exact cost. There are such a wide range of options available! Here are some of the variables that affect the cost of a charter bus trip.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Charter Bus?

The actual cost of a charter bus trip will vary, based on a number of factors:

When you want to travel — Like most industries, bus charters have peak seasons and off-seasons, and costs vary accordingly. In addition, the seasonal variations can differ based on geography—winters see a greater demand for a charter bus rental in Florida than New England, but during the summer, New York City is a more popular destination that Phoenix. There's greater interest in charter bus rentals in the spring and summer, when they are ideal for graduation parties, family reunions and weddings. Due to this you will likely pay more for a bus in summer than in winter.

The time of the week can also have an impact on charter bus costs. There's a greater demand for coaches on weekends than during the week, so you can expect to pay more if you rent Friday through Sunday than if you book a weekday trip.

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